Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Tap into your inner fire

What was once the luxury of a hot shower has now become the most basic of comforts, required anywhere at anytime. We have lost our ability to create heat from within. We have enslaved ourselves to our own technology, reducing our own innate capacities.

Certain Tibetan monks are able to sit in the freezing cold wrapped in wet sheets, not only remaining warm but drying the sheets with the heat from their bodies. The Dutchman Wim Hof is able to remain in freezing water for hours. Both use special breathing techniques and meditative states to achieve this.

Once you realize and harness this power within you, it surpasses the luxury of hot water. There is nothing more satisfying than the fire inside.

Plunge into the winter sea, a mountain stream, or simply take an ice-cold shower.

You will notice how the cold seems to sting your skin, but know that beneath you are activating your body's intrinsic resilience.

Imagine what is was like to leave your mother’s womb, brutally thrust into the cold air for the first time. Every cold water plunge is like a that formative birth experience.

Now you are alive in the material world! The cold is jolting you. Take deep and rapid breathes, pushing out the air half as much as you inhale. Saturate your body in oxygen. Your breathing is like fanning a fire in your lungs.

Think of the cold as the contrast allowing you to feel your intrinsic heat. The cold is your companion in the discovery of your strength.

When you emerge from the cold water, you will feel an amazing heat from within. You will feel alert and very alive.

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